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Image 3Hi my name is Jane, hence the Jane in PlainJane Threads, not a real stretch on that one.  When I was deciding on a company name, I knew a couple of things that I wanted to say in my company name.  I wanted my name in there and I wanted to say something about the style of the products that I carry and a bit of my philosophy on quilting, sewing and the approach I take.

So, Jane- the easy part.  Now PlainJane can conjure up all types of images; quiet, shy, introvert to the extreme, vanilla, and just plain boring.  It’s a term that doesn’t necessarily inspire at first but to me it means; a blank canvas waiting to be filled, a starting point for creativity, a stash of fabric that just has to become a wonderful project and so much more.

The Threads part was easy for me.  Thread can be used to stitch all the wonderfulness together, to embellish, to accentuate.

Threads, can be garments.  Threads can be the warp and the weft of fabric or a beautiful tapestry.

And to me threads can be the warp and the weft of a life that wants to be shared, to be inspiring, to create. So many possibilities that come together.

Traditional, modern, art quilts, embroidery-  I like them all.

Teaching – I love to teach, plain and simple.  I enjoy hand work as well as machine and will use both in projects at times.  I’ve been sewing since I was very young and have always loved it.  My classes and workshops are listed on the class page.

I’ve worked on my Foundation-less piecing technique and this is one of my favorites to teach.

Products – I carry patterns, tools and templates that I believe in.

Fabrics – The fabrics I carry aren’t necessarily available in all quilt shops.  My lines are Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabric and  Oakshott Cottons, shot cottons that look like silk.


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