English Piecing – 2001 A Quilt Odyssey


Back in 2001 I found a magazine in my local Quilt Shop. The magazine was from England and called Patchwork Patchwork and Quilting Magazine 2001and Quilting.  There was a story in this issue about a quilt made by a woman named Margaret Neve.  The quilt was seen by a husband an wife as they traveled the English countryside.  This inspired the author to find out more about the quilt and the woman who made it.  Margaret's Quilt

Margaret Anne Harvey NeveMargaret lived over 3 centuries, she was born in 1792 and died in 1903 at the age of 110!  The history and the events this woman may have witnessed and lived through, amazing.  I became fascinated with this woman and with her quilt. Thus started my English Piecing obsession.

I knew a little of how to do English paper Piecing, and considered myself to be an experienced sewer and quilter.  I cut out my hexagons, cut my fabric and started to sew.  But wait, why did I constantly catch the paper?  Why weren’t my stitches placing as accurately as I intended?  The paper kept buckling, crinkling, not allowing me to be precise!  What was going on? Ok, get a grip and use different paper, nope, cardstock, nope, freezer paper, NOPE.

How can this be so frustrating?  I know how to sew, what can I do to make this FUN?

I found many more quilts that I fell in love with and was determined to make it work and I did!  After many trials and in my opinion errors, I found my answer, MYLAR!  These precut templates are a dream.    They are laser cut and totally accurate.  They won’t crinkle and crumble so the basting process leaves you with precise, crisp and perfect shapes.  And the best part, you can’t sew thru them, you just can’t, so your needle glides across the top of the pieces you are sewing together.  The result, small stitches and accurate piecing, amazing!  I found my solution and I was ready to start.

It would be years before I finally jumped in.  It took time to decide on the fabric, how best to work the design, and most important to keep true to and be inspired by Margaret’s Quilt while making it my own quilt as well.

I want to share my journey with you as I made my quilt – an homage to Margaret.  Join along!


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